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Hay, you!  Happy New Year!
Hay, you! Happy New Year!
Our Price: $5.00

The domestic cows at Farm-in-the-Zoo receive nutritious hay
each day. Keep their barrels stocked this month with a fresh infusion of their
favorite treat!

Wood you? Could you?
Wood you? Could you?
Our Price: $6.00

Are you resolving to get more sleep this year? So are the
chimpanzees at Regenstein Center for African Apes! Spongy shavings of wood wool
are a favorite bedding materials for the zoo’s chimpanzees, who use the cozy
material to build nests come naptime. Sweet dreams!

Leader of the Pack
Leader of the Pack
Our Price: $8.00

Wolves are social animals that bond in a variety of
ways—including play! Keepers at Lincoln Park Zoo foster natural play and chase
behaviors with enrichment items like “fling arounds”—sturdy toys built to be
tugged and flung by mighty paws and powerful jaws.    

Top Banana
Top Banana
Our Price: $8.00

Each day, keepers at Regenstein Center for African Apes
provide a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to the zoo’s gorilla troops. Bananas—which
make excellent training treats—are a particular favorite of Kwan’s group. Give
the gorillas a week’s worth of bananas…they’ll thank you a bunch!

Ring in the New Year
Ring in the New Year
Our Price: $9.00

Large plastic rings encourage exploration by the zoo’s
curious seals—even at the lowest levels of Kovler Seal Pool. Keep the seals
diving and swimming in the New Year by chipping in for some new hoops!

Buckle Up
Buckle Up
Our Price: $11.00

Dangling bags of hay—made from sturdy seatbelt
material—encourage the zoo’s tallest residents to explore the furthest reaches
of their environment. Give the giraffes something to look up to in 2019!

When the Ball Drops...
When the Ball Drops...
Our Price: $12.00

Zookeepers at Regenstein Center for African Apes stuff healthy treats into spinning puzzle feeders to make mealtime more enriching for western lowland gorillas. Keep the clever apes foraging with some snazzy, new puzzle feeders!
Raise the Roof
Raise the Roof
Our Price: $13.00

In the wild, black bears spend much of their time foraging
for fruit, nuts, and vegetation. In their exhibit at Pritzker Family Children’s
Zoo, the zoo’s resident bears—Birch and Katai—love foraging for items like
pasta and raisins. Give the bears a “raisin” to explore the outer reaches of
their territory this year with some yummy snacks!

Monkey Business
Monkey Business
Our Price: $15.00

Puzzle feeders prompt zoo animals—like DeBrazza’s monkeys—to
hone their problem-solving and fine motor skills as they maneuver to get at
treats hidden inside. Give the new baby DeBrazza’s at Helen Brach Primate House
something to work toward this year with a challenging new brain teaser!

Swan Song
Swan Song
Our Price: $19.00

Lincoln Park Zoo’s dedicated keepers don’t get to take a day
off for chilly weather.  When temperatures
dip below freezing, zoo keepers get to work—wading into icy waters to care for
the zoo’s waterfowl. Waterproof, insulated waders help them do their jobs while
staying warm and dry.  Give them a leg up
this year with some new boots!

You're on Candid Camera!
You're on Candid Camera!
Our Price: $100.00

When the keepers are away…the animals are at play! Scientists
at Lincoln Park Zoo use motion-activated cameras to monitor animal behavior and
habitat use—from observing how the chickens are using their new coop to keeping
up with the activities of less active residents, like dwarf crocodiles. Buy a
new camera today, and make a direct impact on animal welfare!