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Sweet Treats
Our Price: $4.00

Diana monkeys at Regenstein African Journey forage for fruits in the treetops. Give these agile primates some sweet incentive with a gift of honeycomb.
Rough and Rolling
Our Price: $5.00

Eastern black rhinos are as tough on their toys as you might imagine. Keepers are at the ready to replenish rhinos with extra tough boomer balls. Resupply our rhinos with durable boomer balls!

Fork Over Those Crickets!
Our Price: $6.00

In the blink of an eye a Meller's chameleon can catch a cricket with its extendible tongue. These moving targets provide great hunting practice that keeps the chameleon on his toes. Snatch a share of cricket!
Make Your Bed!
Our Price: $8.00

Spongy shavings of wood wool are popular enrichment and bedding materials at the Regenstein Center for African Apes, where chimpanzees often drag them into their nests when it’s time for a little shut-eye. Help provide sleepy chimps with a version of a fine duvet.

Tropical Treats
Our Price: $8.00

Crowned lemurs are found in the northern regions of Madagascar, but have tastes that reach the tropics. Pineapples are a popular enrichment treat for these active and curious primates. Give them a sweet treat today!
Elevated Enrichment
Our Price: $9.00

Sometimes, the zoo’s Baringo giraffe misses out on the excitement on the ground. Instead of keeping enrichment so far away from her face, keepers hang durable balls stuffed with treats from the highest tree limbs. Branch out and get them a new ball!
Treetop Hammock
Our Price: $10.00

Japanese macaques love to nap in hammocks, too! Sturdy hammocks in Regenstein Macaque Forest provide elevated resting and sleeping spots evoking treetop nests used by the species in the wild. Buy the macaques some beds!
Barrel of Fun
Our Price: $11.00

Whether pawing it around their yard or rolling around inside it, African painted dogs will be enriching their lives with a barrel. They’ll have a barrel of fun with your help!

Tasty Brain Teasers
Our Price: $12.00

Western lowland gorillas are patient tinkerers when it comes to retrieving food. Puzzle feeders are perfect items to conceal treats and encourage problem solving and tool use. Crack the code to this item today!
Leapin’ Leopard!
Our Price: $16.00

Snow leopard Taza stays occupied for hours with big cat bungees. Whether swatting or gnawing on these durable toys, the curious feline love these hanging play things.

Bubbles, Bubbles Everywhere!
Our Price: $17.00

African penguins use visual cues to help them hunt in the wild. Instead of an ocean of shimmering fish, keepers like to run a bubble machine that promotes the same hunting behaviors seen in the wild. Keep their reflexes sharp with this playful enrichment item!
Brushing up on Takins
Our Price: $18.00

Sichuan takins have a thick coat that keeps them warm throughout the year. As winter arrives in Chicago, takins like to maintain their winter coats along a tall upright brush. Keep the takins groomed and warm this winter with this gift!
Panda Claws is Coming to Town
Our Price: $19.00

Red pandas are unique tree-dwelling mammals that inhabit bamboo forests in their native South Asian range. Give the zoo’s red pandas some extra good luck with the gift of bamboo!
Something is Fishy
Our Price: $20.00

Polar bears need to bulk up for the colder months. An extra helping of fatty fish enables Siku to build an extra layer of defense against the Chicago winter. Put your bucks on the blubber!
Toys with a View
Our Price: $21.00

Western lowland gorillas are highly intelligent animals who teach zoo scientists about primate cognition and social behavior. Contribute to our observations—and theirs—with Looky-Loo plastic mirror devices Kwan's family will adore.